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Dear Friend,

Everyone is born with a unique mission in this world. For some, it is a distinctive skill or a talent, an ability that is uniquely ours. We strive to become the best versions of ourselves and use our G-d-given abilities in the best way possible. Our dear daughter Chaya Feiga, was also born with a very special mission in this world.The mission of her soul was to illuminate our world with her presence, with beauty, goodness and kindness. For her short 18 years in this world, those who interacted with her, whether family or medical professionals, learned to be kinder, gentler and more loving people.

On the 22 of Tammuz, July 14, 2020, her soul's mission was complete and returned to its source.

A Torah scroll has been commissioned in her memory. A Torah scroll represents unity among the Jewish people.

It would be a great comfort to Chaya, and our family, to have our friends in the community unite for the writing of a Torah in her memory.

Please participate in the writing of Chaya's Torah by becoming a sponsor and help the light of Chaya's soul to shine its love and kindness into this world.

May we celebrate the completion of Chaya's Torah, together with Chaya in Yerushalayim, with the coming of Moshiach now!

Rabbi Eli, Shulamis and the entire Blokh family

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