Programs & Services
•Synagogue (Daily, Shabbat and Holiday services)
•Sunday Hebrew School
Holiday Programs
•High Holiday Services
•Chanukah Public Menorah lighting on Queens
Boulevard (Giant 16-foot Menorah)
•Chanukah Wonderland
•Purim: Grand Banquet
•Purim: Public Megillah Readings
•Passover: Communal Seders at multiple locations
•Passover: Hand-made Matzah distribution
•Lab BaOmer: Festival of Unity, Kids Parade and
Barbecue Party
•Shavuot Party


 •Community newsletter "Jewish Queens"
•5th Dimension Bilingual Magazine
•Annual Jewish Calendar
• website

Educational Programs
•Torah classes in English and Russian
•One on one learning and home study groups
Jewish Russian Community of Queens
•A Weekend Retreat to Hilton Stamford Hotel
•Yartzeit (Anniversary of Passing) Notification and
Arranging of Kaddish prayers to be recited for the
•An array of programs: Trip to the Ohel (resting
place) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Passover
Communal Sedorim in multiple locations, Jewish
birthday notification letters, Jewish outreach
activities on the streets of Queens, and home
visitations for seniors.

Other Programs & Services
•Weekly Hospital and Nursing Home Visitations
•Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparations and Celebrations
•Senior Citizen Outreach
•Farbrengens (community gatherings): for special
dates in Jewish and Chassidic Calendar
•Zichron Moshe Yakov Weinstock Study Hall
•Lending Library
•Affixing Mezuzot
•Checking Mezuzot and Teffilin
•Home visitations
•Bereavement Services
•Marriage Counseling and Conflict Resolution