Dear Parents:
Today was a wonderful day of Hebrew School where the children began learning about Passover. From the characters to the Matzah and Passover Seder, there is LOTS to learn! While waiting on line for the sink, walking outside to play and waiting to be picked up I heard the children practicing the 'Mah Nishtana.' Be sure to practice with your child at home as there will be a grand Ice cream Party. For each question memorized, your child will receive one scoop of ice cream. It seemed like Rachel & Julia's Dad will be joining the party as well!


Liora, Emma & Isabella! It was nice to see the "old" students welcome their new friends and  make sure they were comfortable and happy in Hebrew School. 

Tzedaka Surge

It's been quite a few months and the children are still bringing in their coins to put inside the charity box. Sara Abayev and Shmuel Alexander- I saw your Tzedaka boxes....great job!


Morah Mushkie's class had a great day where they learned the Hebrew letter, 'Lamed.' They had fun licking the lamed with chocolate syrup- delicious! Please practice the Hebrew letters with your child and be sure s/he completes the homework.Next they learned the Passover story through creative dress-up and songs. Binyomin acted as King Pharoah while Daniel was Moses who led the Jews out of Egypt. They learned that the Jews wanted to leave Egypt and receive the Torah on Mount Sinai. But every time Pharoh promised to let the Jews leave, he changed his mind and said, "No! No! No! I will not let them go!" They also learned how G‑d performed miracles and split the Red Sea. To grasp this idea, the children crawled through a tunnel, pretending to be crawling in between the 2 walls of water.

1st & 2nd Grade

Morah Leah's class talked about the Holiday of Passover and discovered what freedom means by playing a game where the task was only fulfilled when played with a partner. One child's hands were tied while another child's eyes were blindfolded. Each child needed to pick up a wafer on the floor. However, this mission could only be accomplished with his/her partner. The children related this activity to slavery and the joy of freedom. They also talked about Moses, the leader of the Jewish nation and the 10 plagues. They concluded the day with discussing their role at the Passover Seder and sang the 4 questions as they prepare for the grand Ice cream Party. Please make sure your child completes his/her homework. 

3rd and 4th Grade

"10 Makos...Makos 10, the Egyptians were punished again & again...." Morah Bracha's class focused on the ten Makos and created 'Makos Gloves.' They discussed the story of Passover and learned about Moses and how G‑d talked to him through a burning bush. They also talked about the difference between Chometz & Matzah. Be sure to prepare your house for Passover by cleaning out all the Chometz. In addition, the children worked on their Hebrew letters in their Aleph Champ workbooks and readers. I am very proud as many of them are progressing exceptionally well. Congratulations Binyomin Abayev and Leah Polvanova who will be graduating to the next level in Aleph Champ next week.

5th, 6th & 7th Grade

Being the oldest in the school, the Passover story had a deeper meaning to the oldest class. Does slavery only mean slaves in Egypt or can we relate to the Passover story and the idea of freedom today? The oldest class discussed that being addicted to our ipods, computers or phones is a type of slavery. We need to detach ourselves from our additions and let ourselves free to relate and enjoy our surroundings. As a fun activity the class divided into pairs where each one was "enslaved" to the other and could only accomplish their task with the help of their buddy. William, who was blindfolded, needed Avraham, who's hands were tied, in order reach the laffy taffy. They also began the Passover story in detail and were intrigued to find out that in just a few years the Jews went from being prosperous and successful to being enslaved. Their lesson did not end in there as they learned the Mah Nishtana and practiced it to sing at their Seders on Passover night. Their day concluded with Aleph Champ where they continued learning the Hebrew Alphabet and vowels. Please be sure your child completes his/her homework.

It is only appropriate to thank our dedicated teachers who continuously work hard to ensure your child's safety, happiness and of course a love for Judaism.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach your child,

Morah Chanie